Batman V. Superman Trailer 2


Batman vs Superman Random Thoughts:

Lex Luthor isn’t really the traditional Luthor we know from places like the previous movies and cartoons, but he is awesome. The snarky, smart-ass, holier than thou, hyper intelligent, young business man looks like the best version of Lex we’ve seen in a while. (Sorry, Rosenbaum). In the beginning of the trailer we see the first meeting of Bruce and Clark. Both are in their “disguises” as regular people. In comes Lex. He’s also wearing his “disguise”. So here we have 3 larger than life personalities in a public place cutting each other down, cracking some minor jokes, foreshadowing, and misleading. Lex’s comment to Lois about a 3 syllable word for simple people was not only funny, but evil as well. Remember, Lex can’t really be a jerk to everyone. He knows when to play to the masses and his constituents. He won the presidency in the comics fergodsakes. I think Eisenberg brought enough of his wit to this character to make it his own and make it a good one. Can’t wait to see him go bald.

Batman’s voice: Awesome.

Doomsday is revealed. Or is he? The trailer alludes to Lex retrieving Zod’s corpse and creating a monster. You know who’s origin that is not? Doomsday. You know who’s origin it is? Bizarro. Now, I’m not saying that we’re actually seeing Bizarro here, but I am saying there’s an interesting angle on what seems to be a hybrid villain. I mean, Doomsday does not have heat vision. Neither does Bizarro (Ice vision). The thing about Doomsday is that he constantly evolves and learns. I think the version of Doomsday we saw is a very ‘newborn’ Doomsday.doomsday-batman-v-superman That’s why he doesn’t have all of the super spiky exposed bone jutting out of grey skin. It is my belief that by the end of the movie, we will see a more traditional version of this character. There’s evidence to support this here with Wonder Woman. Extra spikes and all. maxresdefault People seem to be upset over his looks. Saying he looks like a cross between a ninja turtle and Abomination from the Ed Norton Hulk film. People fail to realize that Abomination in that movie was NOTHING like the comic book version. So comparing this villain’s look to a villain’s look that was messed up previously doesn’t hold much water with me. The ninja turtle comparison might have a little something going on because both characters are humanoid.

People are saying they gave away too much in this trailer, and I can see that. I mean I recently said the same thing about the Cap3 trailer. This is not so much a problem with these specific movies, but rather a problem with movie trailers as a whole. A couple years ago, ‘The Grey’ released a trailer that included the final scene in the movie. Currently, Star Wars is releasing new footage almost every damn day. (Side note about Star Wars: I think they’re using some very efficient misdirection here and trying to keep people from asking about Supreme Leader Snoke and Luke) The point is, trailers are so worried about showing something to get buzz or people buying tickets that they are sacrificing story elements and surprises that might be better left on the big screen. Perfect examples: The reveal of the Trinity facing off against our villain, and in the Civil War trailer the reveal of Black Panther. Both of those would’ve blown my mind in the theatre. Now, I know they’re coming.

Batman has a gun?!?! Well, kinda. Batman has always had weapons. In the beginning of the comics Batman ran around with a handgun. In The Dark Knight, he used a sticky bomb gun. That’s what he has here as well.grenade-launcher-batman-v-superman He’s a mortal man fighting against Superman and Doomsday and in the past in the comics he’s had to resort to some fancy weaponry.

The humor was evident. People compare Marvel to DC (pointless, just enjoy both) and one of the main hits against the DCU is the lack of humor. People claim that the DCU is just so dark and serious and has a no fun allowed rule. This trailer showed a small bit of humor. Enough to make me do that thing where you push an extra amount of air through your nose as you smile. I think this is the direct result of Ben Affleck being on set.zxq9s0y

Overall, the trailer was decent in my eyes. There’s not much more they can show me to get me more excited for this film, and in all honestly, I hope they don’t.




Bub League Week 5 Rundown

Fantasy football is a constant learning process.

My first year I drafted Greg Jennings in the 1st round. I followed that up by grabbing Hines Ward. I didn’t go running back until later and ended up getting lucky with Alfred Morris. I had no idea who he was. Just saw him next on the RB list. I picked a kicker and defense far before the final 2 rounds. That year I think I finished dead last. I earned it to be honest. I had no idea what I was doing. I was just sitting there on my computer selecting random players with no strategy or knowledge about fantasy football whatsoever. I didn’t know how to work the waiver wire, how to effectively trade, how the scoring worked, what a handcuff was, what PPR meant, what a ceiling and floor were (in terms of fantasy), or what I could do to stop my team from being so awful. After that season, I decided I would take fantasy football a little more serious. It’s remarkable how much of a motivator passion can be. When a person is truly excited about what they’re learning it doesn’t feel like work to gain that knowledge. It feels like a gift. I went from knowing nothing like Jon Snow to a contender the very next year. From one season to the next I learned as much as I could. Listening to podcasts, reading articles, mock drafting, all of it. I learned so much in under a year just because I was sick of losing. I also couldn’t stand to let Trent win again.

And after all of the education and studying, fantasy football is still 90% luck.

Sure, the other 10% is a lot of work on the part of the owner. They have to put themselves in the most advantageous scenario where that luck is more of a sure thing than not. Like starting A.J. Green over Travis Benjamin. What’s more likely to happen? Green scoring 15 or Benjamin scoring 15? They’re both capable, but it’s going to take some luck for Benjamin to get there. At the beginning of the year, who could’ve guessed that just 5 weeks into the season, Andy Dalton would be the top fantasy player…followed by Devonta Freeman. There’s no way anyone could’ve predicted the fantasy landscape as it currently is. Again, we all had an idea of what was more likely to happen, but nothing like this was on anyone’s mind.

Then again, we all could’ve predicted Kyle would be sitting at 0-5 this year.

Heading into week 6, the following trades have been accepted:
–AJ trades Russell Wilson to Kyle for John Brown.
–Tom trades Giovani Bernard to Jake for Brandon Marshall and Chris Johnson.Both trades address issues on each team ( I had just as many QBs as WR on my roster, Jake lost Jamaal) and they both seem to be very fair. They will pass through.

MVP: This week’s MVP is last weeks rebound player playing in our Match-Up of the week, Doug Martin (36.8 pts, 3rec/158 total yards/3TDs). He helped The Shredders (Ben, 3-2) to a victory over Andy Dalton’s Gingervitis (151.6-139.1).

Charles Barkley’s Rebound Player Of The Week: Arian Foster (20.8, 9/118/0). Technically, Arian returned to the field in week 4. He basically did nothing except fumble. He bounced back and became the back that Tom coached him up to be, helping him to a win in fantasy versus Ryan.

Match-Up Of The Week: Week 6 brings us a matchup between the top 2 teams in Steve and Trent. QB edge goes to Steveo with Brady over Rivers. RB edge to Trent with Forte/Forsett over Ingram/Ivory. WR edge goes to Steve with Brown/Fitz over Calvin/Cooks. TE goes to Steve with Gronk over Ertz. Flex goes to Trent just because he has the better options to plug in there should he change his mind. It’s going to be really close this weekend between these guys.

So I’m running short on time. I’m going to post the power rankings instead of the full standings this week. Hope you guys enjoyed this rundown.

Family Fantasy Football League Week 4 Rundown

Summary of a frantic phone conversation between my dad and I:

AJ: Hello?

Tim: Why does Le’Veon Bell have more points than Adrian Peterson?

AJ: Ummm let me look at it hold on.

Tim: They messed something up. Peterson has 149 yards and a touchdown and Bell only has 70-something! ESPN must have an error, that can’t be right.

AJ: Well we play PPR and Bell also has receiving yards.

Tim: …Well that sucks.

AJ: Why are you panicking anyway? You’re winning and you still have Aaron Rodgers left to play.

(Mom laughing in the background)

This is what fake football does to us! Takes a completely rational and intelligent person and makes them panic and accuse ESPN of cheating and being worried about how many points Le’Veon Bell scored compared to Adrian Peterson. I admit, I’ve panicked before too. I once was freaking out after the first quarter because my quarterback only had 23 yards passing for 0 points. He went on to gain 400 yards passing and 3 TDs. Fantasy football is a roller-coaster. Week in and week out if an owner is truly passionate about fantasy they can feel the highest highs and the lowest lows. Sometimes it can be about half an hour after picking Jordy Nelson right Reyn? It can be after you win the battle for a hot waiver wire pickup to cover a player’s bye week. It’s a game that’s about 90% luck and 10% skill. (Sorry Fort Minor, your math doesn’t work here). Speaking of Luck…

Have you guys heard of this new trend in fantasy football? It’s a crazy notion where you can exchange players with another team to benefit both parties. Granted, in an 8 team league this idea is a little extreme, but I think it has merit and value. Trading players can make or break a season. Not happy with CJ Anderson and think that TJ Yeldon might have a better season going forward? Why not make a move and try and improve how you feel about your team? Not saying it’s a requirement for this league, but I don’t want anyone to feel like there’s some sort of embargo on trading within the league. When the league expands next year, it might feel a little more necessary to make moves like this. For some, this year might already feel like it’s lost and there’s no chance for redemption. Shop around. You might have a gem on your team that someone desperately wants and is willing to give up a player you see as a gem. I’m just saying, trading is an option.

Totally unrelated, but would anyone like to make an offer for DeMarco or Carlos Hyde? Please?

Also, thank you guys for letting me match my win total from last season. I feel much better about this year and my tour of Avenging. This weeks victim is Jeff! Mwuahahahaha.

I’ll keep this portion short.

MVP: The Guy In The Stripes. Congrats Asshat.

Charles Barkley’s Rebound Player Of The Week:

Muscle Hamster Doug Martin

Match-Up OTW:

Reyn vs. Chelsea

Sibling Showdown! And they’re both tied for 1st in their divisions. Bad team names aside, the match-up should be close. Just don’t look at the ESPN projected score. Like they know anything.

Family Fantasy Football Standings and now, POWER RANKINGS

1. The Circus Clowns–Ethan (3-1)
PF: 574.5 PA: 468.2
Highest scoring WR/RB/TE: Le’Veon Bell 28 (7/150/1)
Lowest scoring WR/RB/TE: Zach Ertz (2/11/0)
Next: Hoppin’ On Hopkins 1-3

2. the A team A holes—Tim (3-1)
PF: 503.5 PA: 473.8
Highest scoring WR/RB/TE: Adrian Peterson 19.4 (4/94/1)
Lowest scoring WR/RB/TE: Darren Spoles 1.7 (0/17/0)
Next: Hungary Hungry Hippos (1-3)

3. Jordy Fell Son– Chelsea (3-1)
PF: 461 PA: 409.7
Highest scoring WR/RB/TE: Matt Forte 17.5 (4/155/0/1FUM)
Lowest scoring WR/RB/TE: Golden Tate 6.5 (3/29/0)
Next: Watch Me Whip Watch Me Lacy (2-2)

4. AJ’s Avengers (2-2)
PF: 447.5 PA: 472.1
Highest scoring WR/RB/TE: Jamaal Charles 20.5 (6/145/0)
Lowest scoring WR/RB/TE: Carlos Hyde 3.2 (1/22/0)
Next: GP Village Idiots (1-3)

5. Watch Me Whip Watch Me Lacy—Reyn (2-2)
PF: 417 PA: 426.5
Highest scoring WR/RB/TE: James Jones 14.8 (5/98/0)
Lowest scoring WR/RB/TE: Steve Smith Sr. 6.4 (4/24/0)
Next: Jordy Fell Son (3-1)

6. Hungary Hungry Hippos–Adam (1-3)
PF: 517.8 PA: 498.5
Highest scoring WR/RB/TE: Devonta Freeman 37.9 (5/149/3)
Lowest scoring WR/RB/TE: Mike Evans 6.2 (3/32/0)
Next: the A team A holes (3-1)

7. Hoppin’ On Hopkins–Ryan (1-3)
PF: 490.2 PA: 503.8
Highest scoring WR/RB/TE: DeAndre Hopkins 24.7 (9/157/0)
Lowest scoring WR/RB/TE: Latavius Murray 7.1 (3/61/0/1FUM)
Next: The Circus Clowns (3-1)

8. GP Village Idiots—Jeff (1-3)
PF: 467.7 PA: 626.5
Highest scoring WR/RB/TE: Vincent Jackson 30.7 (10/147/1)
Lowest scoring WR/RB/TE: Greg Olsen 4.8 (2/28/0)
Next: AJ’s Avengers (2-2)

Week 4 Power Rankings…now with jokes!

Bub League Week 4 Rundown

We’re 30.77% of the way through the regular fantasy season! Only 9 weeks left before playoffs. Some of you might be in panic mode already, desperately grabbing at the waiver wire and throwing trade offers out there like they’re free t-shirts at a Toledo Mudhens game. Which is exactly what I’m doing because I’m always in panic mode. I feel like if an owner is not constantly interested in trying to improve their team then they aren’t completely invested (read: obsessed) in the league. I’m in a couple other leagues (5 total…IT’S COMPLETELY NORMAL, OK GUYS) where people are still starting Dez Bryant. They haven’t touched their lineup since the draft. It’s infuriating. It makes match-ups easy, but it’s no fun. Last week was a ton of fun, with two huge trades taking place and a dash to the waiver wire for Karlos Williams. Tom won that race.

Remember when Kyle (or his stand-in) said that Roddy White is the WR2 on Atlanta? Looky here:

Player Rec Yds Yds/Rec Long TD
Julio Jones 38 478 12.6 45 4
Leonard Hankerson 17 241 14.2 55 2
Devonta Freeman 17 196 11.5 44 0
Jacob Tamme 8 104 13.0 41 0
Roddy White 6 92 15.3 25 0
Nick Williams 4 31 7.8 12 0
Terron Ward 2 27 13.5 18 0
Patrick DiMarco 2 23 11.5 19 0
Levine Toilolo 2 10 5.0 6 0

Sure doesn’t look like Roddy is worth anything to me. Good call Kyle/Kyle’s butt-buddy, this is probably why you’re sitting in this league without a win right now. I think if Kyle goes winless this year we might have to film Run Tubby Tubby Part 3 as a punishment. Luckily you go against my team this week. Between bye weeks and recent trends you may have a shot. But probably not. It would be mean to get your hopes up like that.

Let’s get into it. We’ve got MVP, Rebound Player, Match-up of the week, standings and now we also have Power Rankings.

Week 4 MVP: Devonta Freeman, RB for Atlanta and Andy Dalton’s Gingervitis. Freeman put up 37.9 points by rushing for 3 TDs and 68 yards. He also had 5 catches for an additional 81 yards. Dude is on fire. Last week Freeman scored 42.3, but at that time, he was on Rubin’s bench.

Charles Barkley’s Rebound Player Of The Week: Doug Martin, RB for Tampa Bay and The Shredders. Dougie Fresh scored 25.3 points on 106 yards rushing and 1 TD. Add in 5 catches for 37 yards…ALL WHILE ON BEN’S BENCH. This rebound was chosen because Doug Martin hasn’t had a game like this in quite some time. People have pretty much written him off, but this could be a sign of the future. He put these numbers up against a good Carolina defense too. Maybe he’s worth a start next week against Jacksonville.

Match-Up Of The Week: GINGER FIGHT!!!! This week Alex and Ben face off. Both sitting at 2-2, they’re both fighting for a playoff spot early in the season. Alex is going to be without Adrian Peterson and the high scoring aforementioned Carolina D/ST. Carolina being on a bye also means Ben won’t have the option of using Greg Olsen at TE. This match-up looks pretty even if projected points are to be believed. Which usually they’re not. I give the edge at QB to Ben (Peyton@Oak over DaltonVSea). At RB the edge goes to Alex just by having Devonta Freeman available. WR also goes to Alex. TE is a tie. D/ST goes to Ben’s Seattle Defense. Kickers? I’m going with Crosby on Ben’s team.

Here’s a funny picture:


The Bub League Standings:
1. The Fighting Cassell’s – Steve-o (3-1)
PF: 649.5 PA: 515.3
Highest scoring WR/RB/TE: Chris Ivory 22.6 (0/166/1)
Lowest scoring WR/RB/TE: Kyle Rudolph (2/7/0)
Next: Team Cranson

2. Team Cranson (3-1)
PF: 530 PA: 455.3
Highest Scoring WR/RB/TE: Jamaal Charles 20.5 (6/145/0)
Lowest Scoring WR/RB/TE: James Graham 6.9 (4/29/0)
Next: The Fighting Cassell’s

3. Spider 2 Y Banana–Trent (3-1)
PF: 505.7 PA: 436.6
Highest Scoring WR/RB/TE: Matt Forte 17.5 (4/155/0)
Lowest Scoring WR/RB/TE: Jason Witten 9.7 (4/57/0)
Next: Are You Ready Joseph? Joseph?

4. Shell Raisers—AJ (2-2)
PF: 622.7 PA: 614.3
Highest Scoring WR/RB/TE: Le’Veon Bell 28 (7/150/1)
Lowest Scoring WR/RB/TE: Thomas Rawls 5.7 (1/47/0)
Next: Steveo top Aj bottom

5. Are You Ready Joseph? Joseph?—Rubin (2-2)
PF: 533.2 PA: 521.3
Highest Scoring WR/RB/TE: DeAndre Hopkins 24.7 (9/157/0)
Lowest Scoring WR/RB/TE: Travis Kelce 7.9 (5/49/0)
Next: Spider 2 Y Banana

6. Andy Dalton’s Gingervitis—Maynard (2-2)
PF: 462.4 PA: 482.5
Highest Scoring WR/RB/TE: Devonta Freeman 37.9 (5/149/3)
Lowest Scoring WR/RB/TE: Frank Gore 11.7 (5/87/0)
Next: The Shredders
7. The Shredders—Ben (2-2)
PF: 437.8 PA: 540.9
Highest Scoring WR/RB/TE: Jeremy Maclin 25.8 (11/148/0)
Lowest Scoring WR/RB/TE: Carlos Hyde 3.2 (1/22/0)
Next: Andy Dalton’s Gingervitis

8. “Agholor”-Agholor—Tom (2-2)
PF: 371.6 PA: 444.3
Highest Scoring WR/RB/TE: Karlos Williams 16 (3/70/1)
Lowest Scoring WR/RB/TE: Eric Ebron 4.2 (2/22/0)
Next: Sankey Panky

9. Sankey Panky—Ryan (1-3)
PF: 438.9 PA: 449.6
Highest Scoring WR/RB/TE: Isaiah Crowell 15.5 (3/125/0)
Lowest Scoring WR/RB/TE: Heath Miller 1.1 (1/1/0)
Next: “Agholor”-Agholor

10. Steveo top Aj bottom—Kyle (0-4)
PF: 462.1 PA: 553.9
Highest Scoring WR/RB/TE: Martellus Bennett 25.3 (11/83/1)
Lowest Scoring WR/RB/TE: Jonathan Stewart 5 (0/50/0)
Next: Shell Raisers

Below are the Week 4 Power Rankings. These can be found on the site and I update them weekly.


Bub League Week 3 Rundown

I feel like trades make the league a bit more exciting. The back and forth between owners both trying to help their team is fun. It’s anxiety, it’s excitement, it’s nerves, it’s research, it’s a delicate art to convince the other person that the deal benefits both sides. It takes guts to give up a guy you drafted and had a great feeling about for something that MIGHT be a better fit on your roster. It’s sacrifice. Trading, to me, is the second best thing about fantasy football outside of the draft. It’s a chess game. It makes the game feel a little more real.

Sitting at 0-3 Kyle is in a huge hole. So, Kyle decided to try and make some moves. It was a risky move considering his track record with this sort of thing. (RENEGER) Kyle started off by offering me the following: Emmanuel Sanders, Jordan Matthews, and Karlos Williams for my AJ Green and Ronnie Hillman. Great offer. Brilliant move by Kyle (who probably had help but again, no proof). Unbeknownst to me at the time, Tom was offering a similar trade to Kyle. I accepted Kyle’s offer very wearily. I was not very comfortable with losing Green but everyone I asked about the deal suggested I take it without question. The thing is, I have been in the top 3 in scoring each week, and I can’t really see a reason to ship off a part of that success. But I accepted the trade anyway. And then it started to stew in my mind. In my mind and my gut I knew I would not be okay with seeing A.J. Green playing for someone else. That’s when I found out about how Tom thought he offered his OBJ and CJ Anderson for the same 3 players. Either Kyle initially declined it, or Tom never actually submitted it. I considered going through with the trade and then turning around and trading with Tom for his guys. Basically making it a 3-way trade where I would receive OBJ/CJ and giving up Green/Hillman, Kyle would receive Green/Hillman and give up Sanders/Matthews/Williams, and Tom would receive Sanders/Matthews/Williams for giving up OBJ/CJ. Sitting here now, typing this, I probably should’ve done just that. But I didn’t. I vetoed my own trade and sent Kyle a simple text: “Trade with Tom. His offer is better.” And that’s exactly what he did. Tom gave up OBJ/CJ for Sanders/Matthews/Williams. I didn’t need these players. In fact, if I would’ve accepted, Matthews and Williams would just be on my bench. The trade wouldn’t help my team at all, it would only benefit Kyle. Luckily for Kyle, he found a mutual beneficiary in Tom. The trade will help both teams in the long run and make the league more competitive. That being said, if any of the players involved in this trade end up beating me in a match-up I might snap.

So THAT happened all last night after 6pm. Today Rubin finally decided to make a trade. He traded Keenan Allen and Devonta Freeman to Maynard for Amari Cooper and Todd Gurley. In reaction to this news, Jacob Cranson was quoted as saying, “Based of stats rubin is give up more then maynard”. Deep analysis as always Jake.

Now, onto the match-ups from last weekend.

I would say that “The King Has Fallen”, but this is more like “The King Has Returned”. Feels good to be back. Shout out to Julio, A.J. Green, and the ageless Steve Smith Sr.! SteveO will claim it’s all luck, and surely half of fantasy football is in fact luck, but a win is a win. Right Kyle? Oh, wait…sorry…you wouldn’t know would you? #Burn.

Shoutout to Rubin who seems to always score a ton of points but is on a 2 week skid. He’s actually mirroring his real-life favorite NFL team the Seattle Seahawks. Hopefully that trade brings him some luck.

Also congrats to Maynard for grabbing his first win.

Week 3 MVP: Ummm….shit…how about…..Aaron Rodgers with his 5 TD passes. If he would’ve thrown like 20 more yards, Ryan would’ve beaten Ben on Monday night. Still a huge performance and really the only reason that Ryan was in the game at the end.

Charles Barkley’s Rebound Player Of The Week: Mike Evans. He sat out week 1. Got no looks at all in week 2. Week 3 he showed up with 7 catches for 101 yards and 17.1 points. This is the Mike Evans we expect to see the rest of the season.

Match-Up Of The Week: This week we have “The Shredders” facing off against “The Fighting Cassell’s” (Ben v Steve). Both teams are 2-1 (only matchup featuring two teams over .500) and Steve is facing the challenge of a Bye week for the Patriots as well as Antonio Brown having to catch whatever garbage Mike Vick is throwing as Big Ben is out. The Brady/Gronk combo has been huge for Steveo thus far and without it he’ll be starting Eli Manning (@Buf) and Vernon Davis (vsGB). Vernon Davis could make or break this matchup. Ben on the other hand, has been without Dez since week 1 and has been doing well regardless. If he starts his studs he could be on his way to a 3-1 record and knock Steveo from the top of the Power Rankings. Yes. Power Rankings are starting this week in addition to the regular standings. Either way, this should be a close matchup.

AJ’s NFL Power Rankings Week 4

The Packers Lead the NFL Ranks This Week

  1. Green Bay Packers (4-0)
  2. New England Patriots (3-0)
  3. Atlanta Falcons (4-0)
  4. Cincinnati Bengals (4-0)
  5. Arizona Cardinals (3-1)
  6. Denver Broncos (4-0)
  7. Carolina Panthers (4-0)
  8. Pittsburgh Steelers (2-2)
  9. Seattle Seahawks (2-2)
  10. New York Jets (3-1)
  11. St. Louis Rams (2-2)
  12. New York Giants (2-2)
  13. Buffalo Bills (2-2)
  14. San Diego Chargers (2-2)
  15. Minnesota Vikins (2-2)
  16. Kansas City Chiefs (1-3)
  17. Oakland Raiders (2-2)
  18. Indianapolis Colts (2-2)
  19. Washington (2-2)
  20. Dallas Cowboys (2-2)
  21. Philadelphia Eagles (1-3)
  22. New Orleans (1-3)
  23. Baltimore Ravens (1-3)
  24. Houston Texans (1-3)
  25. Detroit Lions (0-4)
  26. Chicago Bears (1-3)
  27. Miami Dolphins (1-3)
  28. Cleveland Browns (1-3)
  29. San Francisco 49ers (1-3)
  30. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-3)
  31. Tennessee Titans (1-2)
  32. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-3)

AJ’s NFL Power Rankings Week 3

Simple List. No BS, just ranks.

Carson Palmer and the Cardinals have a Point Differential of +77 this season.

  1. Arizona Cardinals (3-0)
  2. New England Patriots (3-0)
  3. Green Bay Packers (3-0)
  4. Cincinnati Bengals (3-0)
  5. Denver Broncos (3-0)
  6. Pittsburgh Steelers (2-1)
  7. Carolina Panthers (3-0)
  8. Atlanta Falcons (3-0)
  9. Buffalo Bills (2-1)
  10. Seattle Seahawks (1-2)
  11. Kansas City Chiefs (1-2)
  12. New York Jets (2-1)
  13. Dallas Cowboys (2-1)
  14. Minnesota Vikings (2-1)
  15. Oakland Raiders (2-1)
  16. Indianapolis Colts (1-2)
  17. San Diego Chargers (1-2)
  18. New York Giants (1-2)
  19. Philadelphia Eagles (1-2)
  20. St. Louis Rams (1-2)
  21. Baltimore Ravens (0-3)
  22. Houston Texans (1-2)
  23. Miami Dolphins (1-2)
  24. Detroit Lions (0-3)
  25. Washington Football Team (1-2)
  26. New Orleans Saints (1-2)
  27. San Francisco 49ers (1-2)
  28. Tennessee Titans (1-2)
  29. Cleveland Browns (1-2)
  30. Chicago Bears (0-3)
  31. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-2)
  32. Tampa Bay Bucs (1-2)